Margaret Borozan afficiated at our wedding we could not have asked for a nicer person , she was so friendly and very helpful everything went to plan just as she, organised, she was very professional in every way ,the day went off without a hitch,
thank you very much Margaret.         
Kind regards  Gary and Paula Azzopardi

M...Memorable! A...Amazing!  R...Reliable!  G...Gifted!  A...Adorable!  R...Refined!  E...Endearing!  T...Thoughtful!

Tying the knot comes with many twists, loops and turns, but getting married must be memorable, amazing, reliable, gifted, adorable, refined, endearing, and thoughtful!

Looking for the right Celebrant to execute all legalities and make our day a golden jubilee took time because we did not want to rush such an important decision. After putting all our thoughts in preferred order, we ended with the letters m.a.r.g.a.r.e.t. Finding the link was memorable in itself, it took many loving hours of sampling the Margaret River wineries with Maltese chocolates to enhance the searching. On a pleasant evening as we rang the last M on our list of potential celebrants!  Inebriated with excitement, anticipation and hope, we were comforted by a voice only a child would love - happiness, joy, and laughter. We found our Celebrant, Margaret, to be memorable, amazing, reliable, gifted, adorable, refined, endearing, and very thoughtful as listed.
When Margaret explained the mystery of the Rings, “It is Sacred unto them that believe in each other, and never forget that the Rings become one in Holy Matrimony, for such a promised pledge “I take thee to love forever” can never be broken, if you truly believe in each other!”
Thank you Margaret for making our day a memorable one and may all who are married by you enjoy your bubbliness, warm heart, professionalism, and care for detail that we would have otherwise missed. As we rode into the sunset on Steed’s noble mule, with Cedar’s radiantly glowing foliage beaming in the sun, we paused and pondered on a wise proverb, “No one knows the mysteries of the future, and let the past be memorable, but today and each day is the present, that is why a gift is so pleasant!”

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank Margaret for making our wedding “memorable, amazing, reliable, gifted, adorable, refined, endearing and thoughtful.” (M.a.r.g.a.r.e.t)

Yours sincerely, Sete and Badia Kita